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The Great Outdoors quotes

Roman: Look at the size of the maggots on that meat!

Roman: I think we should go into town tomorrow and pick up a ski boat. Whaddya say? Sound good, guys? Uncle Roman'll blow some coin on a kick-as* drag boat!
Chet: That's OK, we're renting a pontoon boat.
Roman: Pontoon boat? What the hell are you gonna do with a pontoon boat? Retake Omaha Beach?

Roman: I gotta go to the John, I'll be right back. Gonna introduce Mr Thick di** to Mr Urinal Cake!

Roman: You wouldn't know a good time if it fell out of the sky and landed on your face and started to wiggle!

Roman: Why do Chet's kids look at him like he's Zeus and my kids look at me like I'm a rack of lawn tools at Sears?

Kate Craig: Ahh! (Kate and Roman run out of their bedroom)
Roman: What?
Kate Craig: It touched me!
Roman: It's been touching you for 12 years, you never freak!
Kate Craig: Not you! (Kate hits Roman on the arm)
Kate Craig: A thing.
Roman: What thing?
Chet: (Comes out of his bedroom, along with the rest of the family, and turns on the lights) What's going on?
Kate Craig: That thing! (Points to a bat)
Roman: Oh, it's just a little sparrow.
Kate Craig: C'mon Roman, it's got ears! (Everyone screams and runs out of the cabin)

Chet: You've got an awful lot of nerve, Roman, a lot of nerve.
Roman: It's served me well, I'm the one with the Mercedes.
Chet: By the way, is it paid for?
Roman: Are you jealous? Chester!
Chet: Don't call me Chester! Call me that one more time and you're gonna go home with a dent in your forehead!
Kate Craig: Oh yeah, that'll be the day!
Chet: Would you like one to match his?
Roman: (raising his fists) Hey, take it easy! You wanna go right now?
Buck Ripley: (breaking them apart) Dad, dad, dad. No one's denting anybody.
Roman: Thanks, Bucky.
Buck Ripley: Oh, bite the big one, Uncle Roman!
Connie Ripley: Hey, don't talk to adults that way!
Buck Ripley: Why not?
Roman: Because it's rude.
Connie Ripley: Oh, blow it out your as*!

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