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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) quotes

Mikael Blomkvist: Hi. You and I need to talk. I got us some breakfast. (sees a naked woman in Lisbeth's room)
Mikael Blomkvist: I'm sorry, I didn't realize you had some company.
Lisbeth Salander: Hey. Hey! Who do you think you are?
Mikael Blomkvist: I'm the guy you know better than my closest friends do. Why don't you put some clothes on, get rid of your girlfriend. We need to talk.

Martin Vanger: Bring your drink, leave my knife.

Armansky: She's different in every way.

Lisbeth Salander: Something wrong with the report?
Dirch Frode: No, no. It was quite thorough. I'm more interested in what's not in it.
Lisbeth Salander: There's nothing "not in it".
Dirch Frode: Your opinion of him isn't .
Lisbeth Salander: He's clean in my opinion.
Dirch Frode: You mean, he's hygienic?

Lisbeth Salander: (to Palmgren) I got a call from social welfare. I've been assigned a new guardian.

Henrik Vanger: I apologize if you've been having financial problems at the magazine due to Mikael's absence.
Erika Berger: We'll work through them.
Henrik Vanger: Are you sure?
Martin Vanger: How long do you think you can hang on? Six months?
Erika Berger: That sounds about right.
Henrik Vanger: I used to be in the newspaper business. We owned six dailies back in the '50s.
Martin Vanger: We still own one. The Courier, here in town.
Henrik Vanger: Which I let my nephew, Birger, run because he can't run anything else.
Martin Vanger: So, what would you say to taking on a partner?
Erika Berger: Well, we've never had to consider it before. We value our independence very much.

Lisbeth Salander: And stop visiting tattoo removal websites, or I'll do it again. (Pointing at his forehead)
Lisbeth Salander: Right here.

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