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The Ghost and the Darkness quotes

John Beaumont: I'm a monster. My only pleasure is tormenting those people who work for me.

Helena Patterson: You build bridges, John. You have to go where the rivers are.

John Beaumont: I don't care about the thirty dead. I care about my knighthood.

Mahina: You know, I also have killed a lion.
Angus Starling: How many shots did you need?
Mahina: I used my hands.

Hawthorne: I wouldn't have thought bravery would be a problem for you.
Charles Remington: Well, you hope each time it won't be... But you never really know.

Charles Remington: Well, I'm a very considerate man. My mother taught me that. (Samuel laughs)
Charles Remington: Now, what the hell you laughing about? You don't think I'm considerate?
Samuel: I don't believe you had a mother.

Samuel: Mzee! John! Where do you think you're going?
John Patterson: (John co*** his rifle) I'm going to sort it out. (He fires a shot)
John Patterson: I'm going... (He fires again)
John Patterson: to sort it out. (He shoots into the air, again, walks onto the bridge, and continues firing)

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