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The Four Seasons quotes

Jack: You do the work of three people. You're perfect!
Kate Burroughs: (disgusted) How DARE you call me that!
Jack: Call you perfect?
Kate Burroughs: Yeah! That's what I heard, right?

Danny: (to Claudia, discussing the two other couples) These people are vicious. Vicious and ill.

Danny: (talking about Ginny) I think you should apologize to her.
Claudia Zimmer: For what? I got excited, I spoke my mind, I said I was sorry and it's over and done with.
Danny: Well, I don't understand how you can hurt someone as guileless and vulnerable as Ginny.
Claudia Zimmer: She sure took on a lot of mystical qualities once you saw her swimming naked.
Danny: How can you say that?
Claudia Zimmer: I just say what I think.
Danny: Well, maybe that's the problem! Why do you always say what you think? I mean, do you think your thoughts should just fall down from your brain onto your tongue like a gumball machine?
Claudia Zimmer: Danny, I'm not going to start watching what I think or what I feel! I'm Italian!
Danny: (angry) I know you're Italian! I don't want to hear anymore how you're Italian! (opens window and sticks his head out)
Danny: Hey, out there! This woman is Italian! (faces back to Claudia)
Danny: You no longer have to announce your ethnic origin in this state. Everyone in Connecticut knows you're Italian! And when we cross the border, I'll take out an ad in the New York Times.

Nick: She might fall down! I can't let Ginny just wander around in the snow like that.
Jack: Why not?
Nick: Because she's pregnant.
Jack: Pregnant? You're forty-three years old! You're gonna start having babies now?
Nick: Oh, there's some real heartwarming acceptance. I have to check everything with you? As a matter of fact, I told you I wanted to start a new family.
Jack: With babies?
Nick: What, with airdales?

Kate Burroughs: Is this the fun part? Are we having fun yet?

Kate Burroughs: Danny, calm down!
Danny: Please don't tell me to calm down, this is the second time today someone has told me to calm down!
Kate Burroughs: Well, I'm sorry. It's only my first.

Jack: OK, that's a problem I have. When I get angry, I overanalyze. You know why I do that?

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