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The Flintstones quotes

Pearl Slaghoople: Oh, you poor, poor dear. You could have married Elliot Firestone, the man who invented the wheel. (gives Fred a nasty glare)
Pearl Slaghoople: Instead you picked Fred Flintstone, the man who invented the excuse!

Cliff Vandercave: I want you to fire Bernard Rubble.
Fred Flintstone: Done! Wait, fire Barney, why?
Cliff Vandercave: Well he scored the lowest on the company aptitude test. He's an imbecile. The company can't afford to have dead weight like him on the payroll.
Fred Flintstone: But Mr. Vandercave, he's got a new kid, a mortgage, I'm his best friend, I can't.
Cliff Vandercave: Look, Fred, if you don't fire him, I will, and then I'll fire you.

Fred Flintstone: Barney, quick, what's my name?
Barney Rubble: Fred Flintstone!
Fred Flintstone: Don't toy with me, Barn.

Cliff Vandercave: Through the miracle of geothermal power, the raw material is elevated to the second stage where our steam powered conveyer belts carry...
Cliff Vandercave: *Steam* powered conveyer belts, carry the product...

Cliff Vandercave: Son of a Brachiosaurus!

Fred Flintstone: Barney Rubble has been my neighbor, my lodge brother and my best friend since the first time I went through the fifth grade.

Fred Flintstone: Yabba dabba doo!

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