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The Fast and the Furious quotes

Dom: What did you put in that sandwich?

Dom: Let's go for a little ride

Dom: (looking at the junked Toyota Supra being hauled in) I said a ten-*second* car, not a ten-*minute* car.
Jesse: You could push this across the finish line, or tow it.
Dom: You couldn't even tow that across the finish line.
Brian: No Faith.
Dom: I have faith in you, but this isn't a junkyard. This is a garage

Johnny Tran: I'll see you in the desert next month. Be ready to have your as* handed to you.
Dom: You're gonna need more than that crotch rocket.
Johnny Tran: I got something for you.

Vince: He's got no call bein' up there, you don't know that fool for sh**!
Leon: Yeah he's right, Dom.
Dom: Vince there was a time when I didn't know you!
Vince: That was in the third grade!

Brian: You know, I was thinking we should go out sometime.
Mia: Oh, that's sweet, but I usually don't date my brother's friends.
Brian: Well, that sucks. I guess I'll have to kick his as* then.
Mia: I'd love to see that. Actually, I'd pay to see that.

Vince: What is this guy sandwich crazy or something?
Leon: Nah. He ain't here for the food, V.

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