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The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift quotes

Twinkie: You know that famous painting? The one with the woman smiling all the time?
Shawn Boswell: The Mona Lisa?
Twinkie: Right, right, right the Mona Lisa. Well look man, this car right here is like the Mona Lisa of the drift world. Han rebuilt this bad-boy from ground up. We talkin forged pistons, bigger turbo, new rise, new crankshaft. Hey man, Han's labour ain't cheap, you feel me?
Shawn Boswell: Well if I needed a 30 second lesson on how to drift...
Twinkie: All right look man there lots of ways you can do this all right. Handbraking is the easiest so the first thing I want you to do, I want you to rip that E-Brake all right. After you rip that E-Brake then I want you to power over. (Shawn looks puzzled about the power over)
Twinkie: You know what, just don't mess up Mona all right?

Twinkie: (as Shawn drives around the carmaraderie at the parking lot, Twinkie throws a box of tissues on his lap) That's for when you blow your wad.

Kamata: There's an old saying: 'For want of a nail, the horseshoe was lost. For want of a horseshoe, the steed was lost. For want of a steed, the message was not delivered. For want of an undelivered message, the war was lost.'

Shawn Boswell: (Shawn engages the nitrous in Han's RX-7 and zips past a Skyline. He suddenly notices a police car parked on the left side of the road. The cops clock him at 197 km/h. Shawn is surprised when he sees that the police car is not bothering to chase him) What the?
Han: Police cars here are only factory tuned.If you can do better than 180K they can't catch you, so they don't even try.
Shawn Boswell: (Chuckles) You know what, I'm beginning to like this country already?

Han: There's no 'wax on wax off' of drifting. You learn by doin it. The first drifters invented drifting out here in the mountains by feelin it. So feel it.

Cindy: (after Clay shatters the rear windshield of Shawn's Monte Carlo with a baseball, Shawn steps out of his car and has a stare down with Clay and his gang. As Clay's gang approaches Shawn, Shawn brandishes a wrench in his hand, and they stop) Why don't you nice boys let your cars do the talking?
Shawn Boswell: I only race for pink slips.
Clay: This car goes for 80 grand. What am I gonna do with a broken-as* piece of sh** like that? (Crowd howls while Shawn smiles at Clay)
Cindy: How about me? (Shawn and Clay stare at Cindy)
Cindy: Winner gets... me. (Shawn smiles. Clay spits)

Cindy: (as Shawn approaches his Monte Carlo at the high school parking lot, a red Viper is parked next to him. Sitting on the Viper is Cindy, who is polishing her toenails) Nice car.
Shawn Boswell: It does the job.
Cindy: Doing what? Delivering pizzas?
Shawn Boswell: It's not the ride, it's the rider.
Clay: (Clay sees Cindy talking to Shawn) You talking to my girl?
Shawn Boswell: She was just admiring my ride.
Clay: That? My grandma's Buick can smoke that piece of sh** trailer trash !
Shawn Boswell: What about your daddy's Viper?
Clay: (Clay pauses, then chuckles) This beast's got 500-horsepower and a Borla exhaust system. It does 0-60 in what, 4.3 seconds?
Shawn Boswell: Wow. You can read the brochure. (Shawn enters his Monte Carlo and drives off. Clay then throws a baseball at the Monte Carlo, shattering the rear window)

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