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The Exorcism of Emily Rose quotes

Ethan Thomas: (to courtroom) Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Ethan Thomas. I'm the assistant district attorney, and I represent the people. In the case before you, the evidence will show that the victim had a serious medical condition that demanded treatment. We will prove that the victim's condition rendered her physically and psychologically incapable of caring for herself. Her care was then wholly entrusted to that man, the defendant, Father Richard Moore. She became his responsibility, and he betrayed that responsibility by persuading her to abandon her medical treatment in favor of religious treatment:A ritual exorcism, performed by the defendant allegedly to cure the victim by ridding her of demonic forces. We will demonstrate that this course of action directly resulted in the victim's death. I said a moment ago that I represent the people. We all know what that means, but it's a little abstract, isn't it? Miss Bruner, the attorney for the defense is seated right next to the man she represents. And I stand here to represent the people. That's not really why I stand here today. I'm here on behalf of someone who can't sit at a table and look at you every day and gain your sympathy someone who can't take the stand to testify and tell you what happened in her own words. A young girl that could've been your daughter. Could've been mine. A girl who trusted Father Richard Moore with her life. This is what she looked like,before the defendant began his religious treatment. This is a photograph taken of her on the day that she died. I stand here for Emily Rose who died horribly at age 19. You won't be able to see Emily sitting here day after day during this trial. But I hope you'll remember her as she was when she was alive and full of hopes and dreams. and as she was when the Father Richard Moore was finished with her... and left her to die. Thank you.

Father Moore: (Father Moore begins the exorcism of Emily Rose) It has begun. Let us pray.

Jason: Oh, my God. Emily? (Emily's head turns to face him. Her eyes are red)
Emily Rose: (possesed) DON'T TOUCH ME! (She suddenly falls to the ground and stars to cry. Her eyes return to normal. Jason starts backing away)
Emily Rose: Jason, please... don't leave me!

Emily Rose: (as the demons) One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six.

Father Moore: Tell me you six names!
Emily Rose: (possessed) We are the ones who dwell within.
Emily Rose: (in Hebrew language) I am the one who dwelt within CAIN!
Emily Rose: (in Latin language) I am the one who dwelt within NERO!
Emily Rose: (in Greek language) I once dwelt within JUDAS!
Emily Rose: (in German Language) I was with Legion.
Emily Rose: (In Assyrian Neo-Aramaic language) I am Belial
Emily Rose: (possessed/English) and I am Lucifer, the devil in the flesh.

Judge Brewster: Let the record show that the defendant and his counsel are present and that the jury is seated.

Father Moore: I now command you! Give me your name, demon!
Emily Rose: *Names!* *Names!*
Emily Rose: One, two, three, four, five, six!
Father Moore: Ancient serpents, depart from this servant of God! Tell me your six names!
Emily Rose: We are the ones who dwell within!

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