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The Equalizer quotes

Susan Plummer: Teddy Rensen. Real name, Nicolai Itchenko. Skill set honed in Spetsnaz. He's formidable and smart. Ran a wing of the Secret Police for years. Went private when the Union fell. Basically he's a sociopath with a business card.

Ralphie: I'm not strong enough.
Robert McCall: Don't doubt yourself, son. Doubt kills.

Teddy: When you look at me, what do you see.
Robert McCall: (chuckles, shifts in his seat)
Teddy: The answer's nothing. I have no feeling about you one way or the other. You're like... like lint or a bottle cap. You're just a thing to remove.

Robert McCall: (to Slavi) That girl, Alana... She's gonna go on living. You... You're gonna bleed out all over this funky floor... All over 9,800 dollars.

Robert McCall: Progress. Not Perfection.

Teri: You know, I see a lot of widowed guys. Something in your eyes. You know, it's not sad. It's just kind of lost, you know?

Teri: You and I know what I really am.
Robert McCall: I think you can be anything you wanna be.
Teri: Maybe in your world, Robert. Doesn't really happen that way in mine.
Robert McCall: Change your world.

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