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The Emerald Forest quotes

Wanadi: If I tell aman to do what he does not want to do, I am no longer chief.

Wanadi: When I was a boy, the edges of the world was very far away, but it comes closer each year.

Bill Markham: Tomme, I want you to come with me. Momme wants you to come home.
Kachiri: He is finished with mothers. I am his woman now.
Bill Markham: You stole my son.
Tomme: Dadee.
Bill Markham: He took you from me, from Momme.
Tomme: That was long ago.
Bill Markham: I just want you to see the home that you came from.
Tomme: This is my home. It will be the home of my children.

Wanadi: When a dream becomes flesh, trouble is not far behind.

Werner: Can you smell it? The oxygen? 40% of the world's oxygen is produced here in the Amazon.
Bill Markham: Come on, Eurbay, oxygen doesn't smell. It's... the rot, the decay.
Werner: Also the blossoms.

Mapi: They are tearing the skin off The World! How will she breathe?

Bill Markham: Why did you take my son?
Wanadi: one day, i was hunting at the Edge of The World when Tomme appeared and he smiled
Wanadi: and even though you were a Termite Child, I had not the heart to send you back to The Dead World.
Tomme: Why are they called The Termite People?
Wanadi: They come into The World and chew down all the grandfather trees. Just like termites.