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The Departed quotes

Madolyn: Here, this is my card.
Colin Sullivan: Nah, I don't need that. I'm a detective. I'll find you. (elevator door begins to close; Colin reaches out)
Colin Sullivan: No, I'm just kidding, I need the card.

Billy Costigan: (to Madolyn) There is no one more full of sh** than a cop except for a cop on TV.

Frank Costello: You get your period yet, Carmen?

Frank Costello: Sweetheart, you're giving me a hard-on.
Gwen: Are you sure it's me? Not all that talk about whiffing and crawling up as***?
Frank Costello: Watch your fu****' mouth!
Gwen: No, you watch it. Let me straighten you out.

Colin Sullivan: Okay.

Colin Sullivan: I can get the rat. You just gotta let me do it my way, Frank.
Frank Costello: Okay. (hands Sullivan "Citizens Trust" envelope)
Frank Costello: But Colin - I hope I don't have to remind you that if you don't find that cheese-eating rat ba***** in your department, most likely it won't be me who suffers for it.
Colin Sullivan: Now why would you have to remind me of that? Would I be any good at what I do if I didn't fu***** already know that? Frank, you gotta trust me. Alright, just trust me Frank. Hey, it fu***** involves lying and I'm pretty fu***** good at that. Right?
Frank Costello: Maybe because it's always been so easy for me to get cu**, that I never understood jacking off in a theater.

Pakistani Proprietor: What's wrong with this fu***** country? Everybody hates everybody!

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