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The Day After Tomorrow quotes

Laura Chapman: I'm fine... s'can't sleep... My mind keeps going over all those worthless Decathlon facts.
Sam Hall: Mm.
Laura Chapman: 'S pretty stupid, huh?
Sam Hall: No, it's alright. I guess you just haven't had time to adjust yet.
Laura Chapman: How'm I supposed to adjust, Sam? Everything I've ever cared about, everything I've worked for... has all been preparation for a future that no longer exists. I know you always thought I took the competition too seriously... you were right. It was all for nothing.
Sam Hall: No, no... No I just, I just said that to avoid admitting the truth.
Laura Chapman: The truth about what?
Sam Hall: ...About w-why I joined the team... I joined it because of you.

Hideki, Japanese Astronaut: Hey, come take a look at this storm system. It's enormous.

Jason Evans: (as a shelf of ice is breaking off) I didn't do anything!

Elsa: What've you got there?
Jeremy: The Gutenberg Bible... it was in the Rare Books Room.
Elsa: Think God's gonna' save you?
Jeremy: No... I don't believe in God.
Elsa: You're holding on to that Bible pretty tight.
Jeremy: I'm protecting it. (pause as Elsa glances at J.D. throwing books on the fire)
Jeremy: This Bible... is the first book ever printed. It represents... the dawn of the Age of Reason. As far as I'm concerned, the written word is mankind's greatest achievement. (Elsa gives a light snort)
Jeremy: You can laugh... but if Western Civilization is finished... I'm gonna' save at least one little piece of it.

Laura Chapman: I've got one. Your favorite vacation?
Sam Hall: Besides this one?

Tony: We've got mountains of data, but nowhere near enough computer power to analyze it. Can you help us?
Jack Hall: Send us what you've got. We'll do our best.

Sam Hall: (to Brian) So much for one in a billion.

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