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The Dark Knight quotes

Bruce Wayne: How will it hold up against dogs?
Lucius Fox: We talking Rottweilers or Chihuahuas? Should do fine against cats.

Batman: You all right?
Rachel Dawes: Let's not do that again.

Lt. James Gordon: Dent is in there with them! We have to save Dent! *I* have to save Dent!

Two-Face: Did she believe you?
Det. Ramirez: Yes.
Two-Face: Of course she did. Because she trusts you. Just like Rachel did.
Det. Ramirez: I didn't know what they were...
Two-Face: You didn't know what they were gonna do? You're the second cop to say that to me. What, *exactly*, did you think they were going to do?
Det. Ramirez: They got me early on, my mother's hospital bills, and I...
Two-Face: Don't!
Det. Ramirez: (crying) I'm sorry... (Harvey flips the coin)
Two-Face: Live to fight another day, officer. (He knocks her unconscious with the bu** of his gun)

The Joker: Why so serious?

Detective Wuertz: Listen, Dent, I swear to God I didn't know what they were gonna do to you.
Two-Face: That's funny... (pulls out coin)
Two-Face: 'Cause I don't know what's gonna happen to you either.

The Joker: We really should stop this fighting, otherwise we'll miss the fireworks!
Batman: There won't *be* any fireworks!
The Joker: And here... we... go! (Silence. Nothing happens. Confused, Joker turns to look at the clock, which shows that it's past midnight and neither ferry has blown the other up)
Batman: (triumphantly) What were you trying to prove? That deep down, everyone's as ugly as you? You're alone!
The Joker: (sighs) Can't rely on anyone these days, you have to do everything yourself, don't we!

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