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The Dark Knight quotes

The Joker: (to the mob after performing his "magic trick") Oh, and by the way, the suit, it wasn't cheap. You oughta know, you bought it.

Batman: (about Lau) If I get him to you, can you get him to talk?
Harvey Dent: I'll get him to sing.
Lt. James Gordon: We're going after the mob's life savings. Things will get ugly.
Harvey Dent: I knew the risks when I took this job, Lieutenant. (turns back to Batman)
Harvey Dent: How will you get him back any... (Batman has disappeared)
Lt. James Gordon: He does that.

Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: (regarding The Joker's threat on his life) You're unlikely to discover this for yourself, so take my word, the police commissioner gets a lot of threats. I found the appropriate response to these situations a long time ago. (pulls out a bottle of whiskey and glass)

Batman: Because sometimes the truth isn't good enough. (insert cut: Alfred burns the envelope from Rachel)
Batman: Sometimes, people deserve more.

Lucius Fox: No, I really came to tell you that our business deal has to be put on hold. You see, we can't afford to be seen to do business with whatever it is you're accused of being. I'm sure a businessman of your stature will understand.
Lau: I think, Mr. Fox, a simple phone call might have sufficed.
Lucius Fox: Mr. Wayne didn't want you to think that he was deliberately wasting your time.
Lau: Just accidentally wasting it.
Lucius Fox: That's very good, Mr. Lau. Accidentally. Very good.

The Joker: (to the Chechen) Tell your men they work for me now. This is my city.
The Chechen: They won't work... for a FREAK!
The Joker: (pulls out a knife) Freak? Why don't we cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches, hmm? And then we'll see just how loyal a hungry dog REALLY is!
The Joker: (half to himself) It's not about money... its about sending a message.
The Joker: (dialing on a cell phone while a mountain of money burns behind him) Everything burns!

Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb: How'd they get my DNA?
Lt. James Gordon: Someone with access to your house or office must have lifted a tissue or a... glass. (realizing as Loeb takes a sip of whiskey)
Lt. James Gordon: Wait, WAIT! (Loeb chokes)

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