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The DUFF quotes

Bianca Piper: How could you guys not tell me that I was your DUFF?
Jessica 'Jess' Harris: Our what?

Bianca Piper: If I wanted to go shopping, I could have done that with Jess and Casey. I need you to give me real talk.
Wesley 'Wes' Rush: You've gotta a uniboob. Your posture sucks. You need to start dressing less like Wreck-It Ralph. Boom! Real talk!

Toby Tucker: The song was mine.
Bianca Piper: Yeah I'm not surprised cause it was a piece of sh**... and so are you.

Bianca Piper: Oh, uh, I... I have a date.
Wesley 'Wes' Rush: Hmm? (flexes pecks)
Bianca Piper: Don't do that?
Wesley 'Wes' Rush: You do? You don't? (flexes pecks twice)
Bianca Piper: Stop! Uh...
Wesley 'Wes' Rush: Question? (rolls pecks)
Bianca Piper: It's important!
Wesley 'Wes' Rush: What? What do you want? (flexes and rolls them twice with each sentence)
Bianca Piper: Come on, please!

Bianca Piper: Why was I Bosley? There were three angels! (glancing in horror at the old dress-up photo on facebook of younger Jess, Casey and herself)
Bianca Piper: .

Matt: Oh! What the hell Bianca? (attempts to cover bulge in underwear as Bianca enters the lockeroom)
Bianca Piper: Kinda looks like a pe***, only smaller.

Bianca Piper: Ok free lesson... the first one is always free. Ok so lean in, slowly, close your eyes and (licks his face up to the forehead)
Wesley 'Wes' Rush: (wiping his head with his sleeve) Oh! No way!... You... are a phenomenal kisser!

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