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The Crow quotes

Albrecht: Now Sarah, she's a genuine hot dogger. You hungry?
Sarah: You buyin'?
Albrecht: I'm buyin'.
Sarah: No onions though, okay?
Albrecht: No onions?
Sarah: They make you fart, big time.

Albrecht: I thought, you know, you were invincible!
Eric Draven: I was. I'm not any more.

Shelly Webster: I love you.
Eric Draven: Say that again.
Shelly Webster: I love you.

Eric Draven: A whole jolly club with jolly pirate nicknames!

Top Dollar: You ain't lost everything.
Gideon: Yeah? And maybe you're not such a big shot, either! (Grange restrains him)
Gideon: Ow! Jesus!
Top Dollar: Fair enough. Catch. (Top Dollar tosses an eyeball at him)
Gideon: Jesus.
Top Dollar: Say hello to the last fella who wouldn't cooperate with me.
Gideon: What are you telling me thi- You telling me this thing is real?
Top Dollar: All the power in the world rests in the eyes, fella.

T-Bird: I got trouble. One of my crew got himself perished.
Top Dollar: Yeah, and who might that be?
T-Bird: Tin Tin, somebody stuck his blades in all his major organs in alphabetical order.
Top Dollar: Well, gentlemen, by all means, I think we oughta have an introspective moment of silence for poor ol' Tin Tin. (sniffs drugs)

Gideon: go***** creatures of the night. They never learn.

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