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The Book of Eli quotes

Eli: People had more than they needed. We had no idea what was precious and what wasn't. We threw away things people kill each other for now.

Eli: West
Eli: No

Solara: (knocking on the door to Eli's room) Can I come in?
Eli: Give me a minute. (Eli covers his book with his blanket)
Eli: Someone already came with food and water. I got everything I need.
Solara: (entering the room wearing a pink negligee) Are you sure about that? It's really bright in here. I'm Solara.
Eli: Right. You filled my canteen downstairs.
Solara: Yeah. You're the walker, right?
Eli: Right. (Solara puts her hand on Eli's waist and starts to come on to him, but he grabs her hand)
Solara: If - if you're worried about paying, it's on the house.
Eli: Look. Paying for what?
Solara: Why don't you take a seat? (Eli walks to the door and opens it, gesturing for Solara to leave)
Solara: No. (Solara walks to the door and closes it)
Solara: No, I can't go. I can't. If I do, he'll hurt my mom.
Eli: Who?
Solara: Carnegie.
Eli: He's your father?
Solara: No, no, but we belong to him just the same. Look, I'll sleep on the floor. Tomorrow you can tell him you had a good time. I promise you, I will be no trouble. Please.

Solara: (Carnegie's men are about to attack) What do we do?
Martha: (co*** hammer on rifle) I know what the fu** I'm doing!

Lombardi: You don't have to leave, you know. You're more than welcome to stay. You'll be perfectly safe here.
Solara: Thank you. But this is something I have to do.
Lombardi: Where will you go?
Solara: (fingering Eli's machete) Home.

Eli: (whispering to Solara, after seeing the graves George and Martha made) We gotta go now.
Solara: They killed all these people.
Eli: Not just killed them, they ate them.
Solara: Her hands, her hands were shaking.
Eli: Too much human meat. Let's go.

Solara: I want to come with you.
Eli: No, you don't.
Solara: I hate it here.
Eli: Then change it.

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