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The Bone Collector quotes

Richard Thompson: Do you know what happens to a cop in prison? You are brutalised every single day over and over... you become a human toilet.

Lincoln Rhyme: Destiny is what we make it

Richard Thompson: (ranting) I gave you so many clues and you failed... you fu***** failed.

Richard Thompson: Some people win... some people lose... the game is over.

Rhyme: Do you know who I am?
Amelia: I read your manual at the academy.
Rhyme: Yeah? What did you think of it?
Amelia: I'm not a book critic, sir.

Captain Howard Cheney: You got a smart mouth, and it's gonna get you in trouble someday.
Thelma: Yeah, and it also may bite your as* if you don't stop tryin' to aggravate my patient!

Rhyme: (Amelia caresses a sleeping Rhyme's hand) There are laws against molesting the handicapped, you know. (he awakens)
Amelia: Yeah? (laughs)

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