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The Blue Lagoon quotes

Paddy: (chasing Richard and Em) Come back here and put your clothes on!
Young Richard: I don't wanna wear my old britches!
Paddy: It ain't proper to be runnin' 'round naked... (stops, out of breath)
Paddy: ... all the time!

Young Richard: (looking at a picture of a family) Paddy, what's subjugation?
Paddy: Something I've been trying to avoid all my life.

Emmeline: We're never getting off this island, Richard.
Richard: Thanks to you!
Emmeline: This is where we live, Richard. This is our home, now and forever.
Richard: No! I could never live here with JUST you! I don't even like you! You never used to laugh at me! You never used to have secrets you wouldn't tell me!
Emmeline: Well, you're not so perfect either, Mr. Richard LeStrange. I've seen you playing with it, and I'll tell your father, IF he ever gets here.
Richard: YOU? I hate you! (throws a rock at her, narrowly missing her)
Emmeline: You almost hit me!
Richard: Take it back! Take back what you said!
Emmeline: I've seen it all! What happens after you've been doing it a long time?
Richard: Shut up! That's not fair peeking! I don't peek on you!
Emmeline: That's a lie! You're always staring at my buppies.
Richard: Only 'cause they look so funny. You know what you look like now, Em? You look like one of those pictures Paddy had in his drawer. One of his hootchie-cootchie girls!

Emmeline: (to Richard) I've seen you play with "it", and I know what happens when you play with "it" for a long time.

Richard: What would I ever do with out my Em?

Young Emmeline: Mr. Button, there's a cask over hear with stuff in it that smells like the Captain's breath.

Emmeline: That's not true, you're always staring at my buppies.
Richard: Only because they look so funny!

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