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Taps quotes

J.C. Pierce: (the truck won't start) Aw, sh**!
Alex Dwyer: Want me to check under the hood?
J.C. Pierce: For what?
Alex Dwyer: I'll know when I get there, won't I?

Brian Moreland: We have a home here. We think it's something worth defending.

Master Sergeant Kevin Moreland: Let me tell 'em it was growing pains - the wrong execution of the right idea.
Brian Moreland: "The wrong execution of the right idea"?

Brian Moreland: They want us to be good little boys now so we can fight some war for them in the future. Some war they'll decide on. We'd rather fight our own war right now.

General Harlan Bache: Was I scared! I must have lost fifty pounds, all of it brown.

David Shawn: Hey, Brian, Dungeons and Dragons game tonight?
Brian Moreland: Nah, not tonight, Shawn.
Alex Dwyer: Nice of you to ask.
David Shawn: (gives Dwyer the finger)
Alex Dwyer: Have a good day.

David Shawn: It's beautiful, man!

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