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Tango and Cash quotes

Interpreter: Detective Cash assaulted me. He put a chair on my chest and sat on it.
Gabriel Cash: (Tango looks at Cash, surprised) I couldn't find a piano.

Ray Tango: Here.
Gabriel Cash: Aw, c'mon, how come yours is bigger than mine?
Ray Tango: Genetics, peewee.

Yves Perret: There you go thinking again. That will be the cause of your downfall. Try... try to control your fear. These men are convicted killers and fugitives. They won't last long on the outside.
Lopez: Mr. Perret, we cannot rely on the police. I insist...
Yves Perret: Don't insist! Insistent people make me angry. Everything is under control. (Slams remote)
Yves Perret: (to Requin) Cover your tracks.

Gabriel Cash: I've got good news and bad news.
Ray Tango: What's the bad news?
Gabriel Cash: We're almost out of gas.
Ray Tango: What's the good news?
Gabriel Cash: We're ALMOST out of gas.

Yves Perret: Rats in a maze, men in a cage.

Ray Tango: When this is over, we have to pay Jabba the Hutt here a visit.
Gabriel Cash: I'll bring the chainsaw.
Ray Tango: I'll bring the beer.

Gabriel Cash: Well, if it isn't Armani with a badge.

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