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Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot quotes

Tutti Bomowski: Stop! Stop that man Joe. Stop that man! (Joe tackles the man)
Tutti Bomowski: I saw that man on America's Most Wanted.
Joe Brofmowski: What did he do?
Tutti Bomowski: He killed his mother.

Joe Brofmowski: Mom, I don't like eggs.
Tutti Bomowski: If you don't eat them now, they'll be waiting here for you at dinner.

Joe Brofmowski: Why didn't you answer when I called?
Tutti Bomowski: That was you? You never called.
Joe Brofmowski: That was me, why didn't you pick up the phone?
Tutti Bomowski: Every year when I'm about to come out to visit, you call and say it's not a good time, so I decided not to answer the phone this time incase you called.

Tutti Bomowski: His as* was the grass and I was the lawnmower.

Tutti Bomowski: (pointing the gun at her son) Go ahead! Make your bed.

Joe Brofmowski: Stop or my mom will shoot!

Joe Brofmowski: Mom, what're you doing here?
Tutti Bomowski: I've got to change you.
Joe Brofmowski: (looks down and realizes he's wearing a diaper) Mommy! I don't want to be changed.
Tutti Bomowski: (holding up diapers and baby powder) I've got to change you.

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