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Stir Crazy quotes

Harry Monroe: Yea, that's right! That's right! We bad!

Harry: Stop that! What did you do anyway?
Rory: I killed my daddy.
Harry: What did you do that for?
Rory: He laughed at my suede jacket (pause) and he slapped my hand.
Harry: Oh. (Puts Rory's hand back on his arm)

Big Mean: What's your charge?
Harry Monroe: Innocent...
Big Mean: Ain't we all!
Harry Monroe: Bank robbery...
Big Mean: Oh, sh**! (pause)
Big Mean: *You* can kiss the baby!

Warden Walter Beatty: You're gonna represent Glenboro prison in the annual Top Hand-competition. Congratulations!
Skip Donahue: Oh! Oh my god! Warden! I can't do that!
Warden Walter Beatty: What in the hell are you talking about...?
Skip Donahue: Well, I should have told you in your office! My mother was a veterinarian! I can't have anything to do with the exploatation of animals, she'd turn over in her grave!
Warden Walter Beatty: I don't believe you heard me correctly. This is very important to me!
Skip Donahue: Important to you? My mother is watching over every step I make! Do you know that my soul is on the line here...? So let's just drop... (looks up)
Skip Donahue: What? I said no. Whoa, I told him no! Ma, are you crazy, I have witnesses... All right, we'll talk about it in my cell! (looks at the warden)
Skip Donahue: Uhm... I have to go to the bathroom. Would you excuse me, warden? (looks up at the sky again, and walks off)

Harry Monroe: Yes I'm a short son of a bi***, my daddy was a short son of a bi***, my mother was shorter than him, and my brother, my brother was so short we couldn't even see him.

Harry Monroe: A hundred and twenty five years... Oh God, Oh God... I'll be a hundred and sixty one when I get out.

Blade: He'll snot on ya, he'll fart on ya... he'll do anything he can to smash your brains out.

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