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Step Up quotes

Lucy Avila: (talking about Colin) He's sophisticated,a real man.
Miles Darby: Sophisticated? A real man? Yeah,his bu** is gonna be surrounded by sophisticated in jail. how long you had your license? 6months? 7?
Lucy Avila: I am very mature for my age. Thank you.
Miles Darby: Oh yeah,that's great! That's so perfect for the witness stand!

Miles Darby: I just like to play with myself.
Lucy Avila: Oh you make it too easy.

Camille: Are you going to jail?
Tyler Gage: No, I'm not going to jail, but they will have to take me to jail if you don't start knocking. Get outta here.

Tyler Gage: What? I'm not late
Nora: You're not dress either... You can change at the back
Tyler Gage: I can change here... (taking of his jacket)
Nora: I told you to bring tights
Tyler Gage: Do I look like I own tights?
Nora: Shoes?
Tyler Gage: I move better with them

Camille: Guess what she bought for us. Cap'n crunch. Peanut butter Cap'n crunch. I told you she liked us.
Camille: (takes bite of cereal)
Tyler Gage: Let me get a bite of that?
Camille: Okay. One bite, just one bite. (Tyler takes the bowl and has a huge bite)
Camille: That's the biggest bite I've ever seen! Come on! Give it back!
Tyler Gage: (Tyler takes another bite)
Camille: Get your own! I spit on that spoon! (Tyler pushes it back)
Camille: Oh yeah, now you give it back.

Mac Carter: (after the girl he was making out with leaves because his little brother interrupts them) I swear to God- you must have all the recessive genes in the family!

Skinny Carter: So, can I still come to the party?
Mac Carter: Skinny! Hey come on!
Skinny Carter: Man, he ain't sayin' nothin' bout me. He said y'all couldn't go to the party. He didn't say nothin' bout Skinny. Nothing!
Mac Carter: Will you shut up?

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