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Star Trek quotes

Spock Prime: To stop Nero, you alone must take command of your ship.
James T. Kirk: How? Over your dead body?
Spock Prime: Preferably not.

Captain Robau: If I don't report in 15 minutes, evacuate the crew.
George Kirk: Sir, we could issue...
Captain Robau: There is no help for us out here. Use autopilot... and get off this ship.
George Kirk: Aye, Captain.
Captain Robau: You're captain now, Mr. Kirk.

Spock: (to Kirk) Out of the chair.

Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Permission to speak freely, sir?
Spock: I welcome it.
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Do you? OK, then. Are you out of your Vulcan mind? Are you making a logical choice, sending Kirk away? Probably. But, the right one? You know, back home we have a saying: "If you're gonna ride in the Kentucky Derby, you don't leave your prize stallion in the stable."
Spock: A curious metaphor, doctor, as a stallion must first be broken before it can reach its potential.
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: My God, man, you could at least ACT like it was a hard decision.
Spock: I intend to assist in the effort to reestablish communication with Starfleet. However, if crew morale is better served by my roaming the halls weeping, I will gladly defer to your medical expertise. Excuse me.
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: (as Spock leaves) Green-blooded hobgoblin.

Scotty: Except, the thing is, even if I believed you, right, where you're from, what I've done - which I don't, by the way - you're still talking about beaming aboard the Enterprise while she's traveling faster than light, without a proper receiving pad.
Scotty: (to Keenser) Get off there! It's not a climbing frame!
Scotty: (back to Spock Prime) The notion of transwarp beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse. (Spock writes on a paper)
Scotty: What's that?
Spock Prime: Your equation for achieving transwarp beaming.
Scotty: (to himself) He's out of it
Scotty: (reads the equation) Imagine that! It never occurred to me to think of SPACE as the thing that was moving!

Chief Engineer Olson: I can't wait to kick some Romulan as*!

Spock: If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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