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Star Trek III The Search for Spock quotes

Kirk: (stomping on Kruge the Klingon) I have had... enough... of YOU! (Kruge falls into the abyss)

McCoy: Jim... help me. You left me... on Genesis... why did you do that? Help me...
Kirk: Bones? What the hell are you doing? Have you lost your mind?
McCoy: Help me, Jim. Take me home.
Kirk: Home is where we are. We are home.
McCoy: Then perhaps it's not too late. Climb the steps, Jim. Climb the steps of Mt. Seleyah.
Kirk: Mt. Seleyah? Bones, Mt. Seleyah's on Vulcan. We're home. On Earth.
McCoy: Remember...

Kirk: You should take the Vulcan too.
Kruge: No.
Kirk: But why?
Kruge: Because you wish it.

Ambassador Sarek: Kirk, I thank you. What you have done is...
Kirk: What I have done, I had to do.
Ambassador Sarek: But at what cost ? Your ship. Your son.
Kirk: If I hadn't tried, the cost would have been my soul.

Scotty: All systems automated and ready. A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her.
Kirk: Thank you, Mr. Scott. I'll try not to take that personally.

Kirk: Yes, poor friend. I hear he's fruity as a nutcake.

Ambassador Sarek: You must bring them to Mt. Seleyah, on Vulcan. Only there can both find peace.
Kirk: What you ask... is difficult.
Ambassador Sarek: You will find a way, Kirk. If you honor them both, you must.
Kirk: I will. I swear.

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