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Star Trek Generations quotes

Data: I get it! "The clown can stay, but the Ferengi in the gorilla suit has to leave!" I get it!
Geordi: Data, what do you get?
Data: The Farpoint mission! You told a joke; that was the punchline!
Geordi: The Farpoint mission? Data, that was seven years ago.
Data: I know! I just got it! Very funny!

Lursa: Ugh! Human females are so repulsive.

Kirk: You left spacedock without a tractor beam?
Harriman: It doesn't arrive until Tuesday.

Lursa: Where is he now?
B'Etor: I don't know? He bathed, now he's roaming the ship. He must be the only engineer in Starfleet who doesn't *go* to *engineering*!

Riker: I'm going to miss this ship;... she went before her time.
Picard: Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalks us all our lives...

Picard: What you're about to do, Soran, is no different from when the Borg destroyed your world. They killed millions too.
Dr. Soran: (smiles, sighs) Nice try. You know there was a time that I wouldn't hurt a fly. Then the Borg came and they showed me that if there is one constant in this universe, it's death. Afterwards, I began to realize that it didn't matter. We're all going to die sometime. It's only a question of how and when. You will too, Captain. Don't you feel time gaining on you? (enters control room of missle launcher)
Dr. Soran: It's like a predator; it's stalking you. Oh,you can try and outrun it with doctors, medicines, new technologies but in the end, time is going to hunt you down... and make the kill.
Picard: It's our mortality that defines us, Soran. It's the truth of our existence.
Dr. Soran: What if I told you I found a new truth?
Picard: The Nexus?
Dr. Soran: Time has no meaning there. The predator has no teeth.

B'Etor: I hope, for your sake, that you were initiating a mating ritual.

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