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Stakeout quotes

Chris Lecce: (mimicking) Eating between meals.

Bill Reimers: And, the moment we've all been waiting for... 313 pounds.
Chris Lecce: 313 pounds? Let me see that.
Bill Reimers: I would imagine that's fully clothed.
Chris Lecce: Oh my God, she could be the house! I hate this job!

Chris Lecce: (Chris and Bill are whiling away the time playing trivia questions) Okay, I got one, name the 16th President
Bill Reimers: I don't know
Chris Lecce: Here's a hint...
Bill Reimers: Abraham Lincoln.
Bill Reimers: (His questions are identifying quotes) Okay, "This was no boating accident!"
Chris Lecce: No idea
Bill Reimers: Man, you suck at this

Richard "Stick" Montgomery: Isn't love great, Chris? One minute you're a god, the next minute you're a scum-suckin' pig.

Chris Lecce: I'll be about half an hour.
Bill Reimers: Where are my donuts you pr***?
Chris Lecce: Maybe more.

Richard "Stick" Montgomery: Hey. What'd I tell you about touching my books.
Billy Steeks: (raising his voice) I didn't touch your dirty fa* rags!
Richard "Stick" Montgomery: Oh yeah! Well then who the hell else did, since its just you and me in here.
Billy Steeks: pi** off!
Richard "Stick" Montgomery: Don't f*cking tell me to pi** off.
Billy Steeks: I just did as*****. (the two start fighting)

Richard "Stick" Montgomery: How much we got?
Caylor Reese: $273
Richard "Stick" Montgomery: That's good. As long as we have gas money, that's all we need.
Caylor Reese: Yeah. But its hardly worth rubbing people out for.
Richard "Stick" Montgomery: (defensive) What?
Caylor Reese: (doesn't want to try to explain) Nothing.

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