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Spring Break quotes

Ernest Dalby: Now step aside.
Ernest Dalby: da** it, I said no. I'm through stepping aside for you. And that goes for getting pushed around, held back and screwed over too.

Eesh: (to Adam and Nelson) You want something, you call Eesh. You need something, you call Eesh! You get in troubles... they work themselves out.

Arresting Officer: Oh sh**!
Ernest Dalby: You have a real way with words, sir.

Nelson: Innkeeper! Two beers.

Arresting Officer: Sir, have you been drinking?
Ernest Dalby: Drinking? No no no. It was poured all over me.
Arresting Officer: Sheriff, pour him into the backseat.

Nelson: I keep wondering what Stu said to those girls.
Adam: Oh, probably something like, ah, "Nice night, isn't it? Be nicer if you spent it with us."
Nelson: Yeah, he probably made it sound good, too.
Adam: Sure, Stu's what you call professionally cool.

Carla: Hi, cutie!
Adam: What? Are you talking to me?
Diane: Yeah, don't you think you're sexy?
Adam: Oh my god! All the time!

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