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Space Cowboys quotes

Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins: What are you doing here?
Frank Corvin: Keeping a promise I made years ago.
Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins: Was that the promise you made to kill me or the promise you made to have both my legs broke?

Jerry O'Neill: I'd drink this. It's good for your libido.

Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins: Okay, bad guy, we're taking this outside! I want to whip your asymmetrical sagging as*! Get out there in that parking lot! (Frank and Hawk step outside)
Jerry O'Neill: Here we go again...
Tank Sullivan: I've got ten on Frank!

Jerry O'Neill: (Watching Frank and Hawk in the centrifuge machine) Makes them look younger, doesn't it...

Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins: Flying brick... I like that.

Frank Corvin: Well, what do you say, Reverend? You think a prayer's in order?
Tank Sullivan: I was just reciting the Shepard's Prayer. Alan Shepard's prayer. Oh Lord, please don't let us screw up. Amen.

Col. William 'Hawk' Hawkins: What is a pancreas, anyhow? I mean, I don't know what the da** thing does for you, besides give you cancer.

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