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Song of the South (Re Release) quotes

Uncle Remus: Yes sir, that's the way with Br'er Rabbit, sure as I'm named Remus. About the time he get it stuck in his mind that there ain't nobody can outdo him, up somebody'd jump an' do him scan'lous. "What you laughin' 'bout?" says Br'er Fox, says he. An' Br'er Rabbit, he couldn't say nothin'. "Well, then," says Br'er Fox, says he, "I'll settle your hash right now!" And with that, he grab Br'er Rabbit by the tail and made for to dash 'im agin' the ground. But just then, Br'er Rabbit's tail snap off real short, an' he tuck through the cotton patch like the dogs was after 'im. An' from that day to this, the only tail that Br'er Rabbit's got to his name was a little ol' ball o' cotton.

Br'er Fox: I got 'im this time!

Uncle Remus: There's other ways o' learnin' 'bout the behind feet of a mule than gettin' kicked by 'em, sure as I'm named Remus. And just 'cause these here tales is 'bout critters like Br'er Rabbit an' Br'er Fox, that don't mean they ain't the same like can happen to folks! So them who can't learn from a tale about critters, just ain't got the ears tuned for listenin'.

Br'er Fox: (he has caught Brer Rabbit and tied him to a barbecue spit) You played your last trick on me, Brer Rabbit. Yes, you sure have, yes, sir. You played your last trick on me. Here, hold that knot. (Brer Fox places his finger on a bow knot he is tying on the rope on the rabbit)
Br'er Fox: You sure look mighty good in that bow-tie, Brer Rabbit. Yes, sir, you look mighty good in that bow-tie. Don't he look good in that bow-tie, Brer Bear?
Br'er Bear: Duh, yeah...
Br'er Fox: I ain't never seen nobody look good in that bow-tie before. He's all dressed up for dinner.
Br'er Bear: Yeah, for dinner.
Br'er Fox: Yes, sir, he's really dressed up for dinner. (he chuckles, then takes on a menacing tone to try and scare Brer Rabbit)
Br'er Fox: For *my* dinner, 'cause I'm gonna barbecue you this very minute... on that fire!

Brer Rabbit: Don't worry 'bout me! I can take care of myself!

Brer Rabbit: Please don't throw me in dat briar patch!

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