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Song of the South (Re Release) quotes

Uncle Remus: Appears to me like you's figurin' on goin' someplace.
Johnny: I am, and nobody's gonna stop me.
Uncle Remus: Well, now, if that don't bang my time. You know, I was just figurin' on somethin' like that myself. How'd you like ol' Uncle Remus to go along with you? (They start to go off together)
Uncle Remus: Now, let's see now. Where is we figurin' on goin'? How can we be goin' someplace if we don't know where we's goin'?
Johnny: I'm going to Atlanta.
Uncle Remus: Hmm, powerful long walk to Atlanta. Is you brung some grub?
Johnny: No.
Uncle Remus: Well, now... if we ain't got no grub, we sure can't get very far.

Brer Rabbit: I was born and bred in the briar patch!

Brer Rabbit: (to the Tar Baby) What's the matter with you? I said, "Howdy!" Is you hard of hearing? (yelling)
Brer Rabbit: I said, "HOWDY!"

Brer Rabbit: Doggone ol' Briar Patch! Doggone place like this. Doggone...
Uncle Remus: Hmm. Uh, howdy, Brer Rabbit.
Brer Rabbit: (stops hammering; stammering) Who's that callin' my name? (He sees Remus)
Brer Rabbit: Oh, uh, uh, hello, Uncle Remus.
Uncle Remus: Appears to me that you's in a powerful bad mood to go to the party.
Brer Rabbit: (trying to board up his door) But I ain't goin' to no party, 'cause I ain't gonna be here. I'm gonna leave this ol' place.
Uncle Remus: You mean you's leavin' your old Briar Patch?
Brer Rabbit: (nailing board) That I is.
Uncle Remus: The place where you was born and raised?
Brer Rabbit: (nailing another board) That I is.
Uncle Remus: You mean you's leavin' for good?
Brer Rabbit: (nailing a third board) That I... (He accidentally hits his thumb with his hammer and drops it)
Brer Rabbit: Ow! Now see there? That ol' Briar Patch ain't brought me nothin' but trouble... (He kicks the hammer, only to hurt his foot)
Brer Rabbit: Ow! And more trouble. This is where my trouble is and this is the place I belongs away from.
Uncle Remus: Don't you know you can't run away from trouble?
Brer Rabbit: (chuckling; picks up knapsack) Where I'm goin', there ain't gonna be no trouble.
Uncle Remus: There ain't no place that far.
Brer Rabbit: Well... just the same I done made up my mind. And I never comin' back again. (sadly; holds out hand)
Brer Rabbit: Well, so long, Uncle Remus.
Uncle Remus: (shaking Brer Rabbit's hand) I sure hope you knows what you's doin'.
Brer Rabbit: (chuckling) Don't worry 'bout me. I can take care of myself. (Brer Rabbit hops away, whistling "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah")

Uncle Remus: Once upon a time - not your time, nor yet my time, but one time - I was goin' fishin', and I was just thinking how the flowers and critters was curious things. They can look into your heart and tell when it sings, if it's whistling a tune, or singing a song, and they all say "Howdy" when you come along.

Toby: Tell us another one, Uncle Remus.
Johnny: The one you told Daddy about Brer Frog havin' a tail.
Uncle Remus: And losin' it?
Johnny: That's it.
Uncle Remus: Well, then, how can there be a tale...
Johnny: (in unison) ... when there ain't no ta...
Uncle Remus: (chuckles) I could tell ya, but that's another tale for another day.

Uncle Remus: Now, this here tale didn't happen just yesterday, nor the day before. 'Twas a long time ago. And in them days, everything was mighty satisfactual. The critters, they was closer to the folks, and the folks, they was closer to the critters, and if you'll excuse me for saying so, 'twas better all around.

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