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Song of the South (Re Release) quotes

Uncle Remus: (singing) The weather's good; the fishin's fine / Now what do you do with all your time?
Brer Rabbit: (singing) Oh, I zigs and I zags; I tos and I fros / That's what you ask me, and that's what you know.

Uncle Remus: Miss Sally, Johnny didn't mean no harm. He was just tryin' to be like Brer Rabbit.

Johnny: (referring to his grandmother) Why don't she come to see us, like she did last spring?
Sally: Well, because it... I thought you'd enjoy seeing the plantation.
Johnny: Is Grandma mad at us?
Sally: But of course not, Johnny. Whatever gave you that idea?
Johnny: Well, Georgie says everybody's mad at what Daddy writes in the newspaper.

Uncle Remus: (narrating) Well, sir, you ain't never seen nobody that had humble-come-tumbledness down as fine as what Brer Rabbit had it then. Poor little critter, he learned a powerful lesson. But he learned it too late. But it just goes to show what comes of mixin' up with somethin' you got no business with in the first place. And don't you never forget it.

Uncle Remus: (telling about Brer Rabbit being in a tight spot) Brer Rabbit, bein' little and without much strength, he's supposed to use his head 'stead of his foots.

Johnny: (on his sick bed from being struck by the bull) Uncle Remus... Come back, Uncle Remus... Come back...

Sally: Uncle Remus, I'm trying my best to bring up Johnny to be obedient and truthful. But you and your stories are making that very difficult. I think maybe it would be better if he didn't hear any more for a while.
Uncle Remus: Well, Miss Sally, the stories ain't done no...
Sally: They only confuse him. Now, I know you mean well, Uncle Remus, but Johnny's too young.
Uncle Remus: Miss Sally...
Sally: I'll have to ask you not to tell him any more.
Uncle Remus: Yes, 'm...

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