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Sister Act quotes

Dolores: Don't worry, we will always be together.
Mary Lazarus: That's what Diana Ross said.

Delores: Expectum. Espertum. Ca coomb. Too Too. Eplubium. Amen

Eddie: Nice church, huh?
Delores: Yes, very nice. Look, what am I gonna be? Quasimodo in the belfry? What is this?
Eddie: I want you to stay here for a while.
Delores: Where?
Eddie: In the convent. It's the safest place in the world. You think Vince is gonna look for you in a convent?
Delores: Wh... in the what?
Eddie: The convent.
Delores: You must be out of your... You know what? I'm gonna go back and work this out with Vince. You're a lunatic! I'm not gonna be in no da** convent with these people. These people don't even have sex!

Sister Mary Patrick: Hi, excuse me, sorry. Has anyone seen a nun? A Carmelite nun? No? Sure? OK, thanks.

Delores: (after putting on the habit) Oh, no! No, no, no! I can't do this. I'm sorry. This is fine for covering a little bulge, but now I've got holster hips!
Reverend Mother: People wish to kill you. Anyone who's met you I imagine. A disguise is necessary to protect us all. While you are here, you will conduct yourself as a nun. Only I will know who and what you truly are. You will draw no attention to yourself whatsoever.
Delores: But look at me! I'm a nun! I'm a - I'm a penguin!
Reverend Mother: As from now and until you leave, you are Sister Mary Clarence.
Delores: Mary Clarence? Like Clarence Williams III from The Mod Squad?
Reverend Mother: Mary is in deference to our Holy Mother. The Clarence is in honor of Saint Clarence of Concordia. There are 3 vows every nun must accept: The vow of poverty.
Delores: Mmm.
Reverend Mother: The vow of obedience.
Delores: Mm-Hmm.
Reverend Mother: And the vow of chastity.
Delores: I am outta here with that.

Sister Mary Robert: I'm so nervous. What if I forget the words?
Sister Mary Clarence: You're gonna go straight to hell.

Sister Mary Clarence: (grabs a biker by the ear) Young man take you foot down off of that stool.

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