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Sin City quotes

Brian: Want the head there, sweetheart? Come and get it! (Dwight jumps into the sewer, guns blazing)
Brian: I coulda put a bullet in your ear just now, laddy, if I hadn't gone off and got me revolver all wet and useless. You got the drop on me love. I'm as helpless as a baby. (big explosion)
Brian: Better come clean with ya now, sweetheart. That was an outright lie I was giving ya about me revolver being wet. You see, I'm not too fond of shooting. It's my preference to blow things up. Once you blast the roof off a pub, and see all the parts flying off people, a little bang-bang's never going to match the sight of that. And here I am with all these fine grenades, and such a sweet beauty of a remote. But it's my knife I'll be doin' you with.

Dwight: A hardtop, with a decent engine. And make sure it's got a big trunk!

Dwight: It wasn't "Stop." Shellie wasn't saying "Stop." If I had waited and listened to her, I would've known. I could've warned the girls to go easy. To settle for scaring them off. Shellie didn't say "Stop," she said "Cop." He's a *cop*. Detective Lieutenant Jack Rafferty. "Iron Jack" the papers call him. A go***** *hero cop*.

Lucille: (screaming) He made me WATCH! Christ, I could use a cigarette.
Marv: (narrating) That's the thing with dames; sometimes all they gotta do is let it out and a few buckets later there's no way you'd know.

Nancy Callahan: (to Hartigan) Let me stay close. Nothing can happen to me when I'm with you.

John Hartigan: When it comes to reassuring a traumatized 19-year-old, I'm about as expert as a palsy victim doing brain surgery with a pipe wrench.

Marv: I try to slow my heart down and breathe the fire out of my lungs.

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