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Shark Tale quotes

Oscar: Are you not entertained? (the crowd cheers)
Oscar: You can't handle the truth! (the crowd cheers)
Oscar: You had me at hello! (the crowd cheers; Angie especially raises an eyebrow)

Lenny: (quietly) Echo. Echo. (little louder)
Lenny: Now batting in for the Southside Sharks, Number 15... (Oscar hits Lenny)
Lenny: Ow, it's not okay to hit.

Shortie #1: Let's go make Mr Sykes puff up!

Lenny: That song gives me the creeps!
Frankie: What do ya mean? It's our theme song! (the Jaws tune starts to play, and the opening credits roll)

Don Lino: (hugging his son) Lenny? Is that you? You're alive? I thought I'd lost you... What're you wearing, huh? What is that? (Lenny heaves a resigned sigh and sheds his disguise. The other sharks gape at him)
Luca: Hey, boss, it's Lenny - he was wearing a disguise so we wouldn't recognise him, but he's not wearing a disguise, so we DO recognise him!
Lenny: Hi, Pop...
Don Lino: Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you out of your MIND? Do you have any idea how this looks?
Giuseppe: This is the best sit-down I've ever been to!
Don Lino: What're you doing with this guy? He took out your own flesh and blood, Frankie!
Lenny: But Pop, just listen...
Don Lino: But nothing, you never take sides against the family, ever!
Oscar: Don, Lino, sir, listen, it's not his fault - this is between you and me!
Don Lino: What did I ever do to YOU? You took Frankie away, and you turned Lenny into a dolphin! I'm going to get you! (He goes for Oscar)

Oscar: I am the Panama Canal, baby! From now one, everything flows through me! (he picks up a fork and places it between the eyes of the hammerhead shark Giuseppe)
Giuseppe: What'd he do? What'd he do? I can't see it!

Oscar: Remember what Angie said. Remember what Angie said. What did Angie say?
Angie: (in Oscar's mind) Dreams can start out small. You just gotta... bet it all. Bet it all!

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