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Seems Like Old Times quotes

Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: We're going to have a serious conversation tonight.
Glenda Gardenia Parks: I'm looking forward to it.
Nick Gardenia: Anything special you'd like for dinner?

B.G. Ramone: Know you remember where this gun is.
Nick Gardenia: Right side middle of the ribs
Gas station attendant #1: What will it be boys
B.G. Ramone: Fill it up
Nick Gardenia: Fill it up
Gas station attendant #1: Regular or Premium?
Nick Gardenia: Regular
B.G. Ramone: Premium!
Nick Gardenia: Premium will be fine
Gas station attendant #1: Do you want me to check the hood
Nick Gardenia: Yea
B.G. Ramone: No
Nick Gardenia: No its already been checked. Thanks.

Glenda Gardenia Parks: No kiss, Nick. I'm a married woman with a Governor inside.

Judge John Channing: Can I ask you something, Mr. Gardenia?
Nick Gardenia: If I can be of any help in this matter, Judge, it's my pleasure.
Judge John Channing: Were you apprehended or did you surrender?
Nick Gardenia: I surrendered.
Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: He was apprehended.
Glenda Gardenia Parks: He was apprehended after he surrendered.
Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: He didn't surrender to me, therefore he was apprehended.
Glenda Gardenia Parks: He was going to surrender after dinner. I told him to wait in the kitchen.
Judge John Channing: (Drops pencil in disgust) And did you stay in the kitchen?
Nick Gardenia: No, I had to serve dinner.
Judge John Channing: You were serving dinner to the district attorney and his wife?
Nick Gardenia: Uh-huh... and the Governor.
Judge John Channing: The Governor? OUR Governor?
Nick Gardenia: I didn't ask him. He *looked* like our governor.
Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: Your Honor, if we're going to get into such trivialities like our guest list, we might as well discuss what was served.
Nick Gardenia: Chicken pepperoni, your Honor. The Governor seemed to like it if it has any bearing on the case.
Judge John Channing: Hold it hold it... would you just hold it? Are you trying to tell me that while every policeman in the state was looking for you, YOU were serving dinner to the district attorney, his wife and our governor? (Chuckles in disbelief)
Judge John Channing: How is that possible?
Nick Gardenia: Well... you have to prepare everything in advance.

Glenda Gardenia Parks: Disbarment. Disbarment and disgrace are all that lies ahead.
Nick Gardenia: (looking ahead) That and a big truck.

Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: Are you saying you may not become Attorney General if I make Veal Parmesan?
Glenda Gardenia Parks: No, I'm just saying with your ex-husband on the loose we're alot safer, with Chicken Pepperoni!
Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: Alright! I'll make it. Only don't make me crazy, I can't cook when I'm crazy.
Glenda Gardenia Parks: I'm not making you crazy...
Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: Yes, you are! Anyone who forces me to make Chicken Pepperoni is making me crazy, and you, are making me crazy! (She exits)
Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: I'm not making her crazy.

Fred: What should I do Ira?
Stanley: What should he do about what.
Glenda Gardenia Parks: The chicken, Fred is a vegetarian and doesn't know if he should eat it.
Dist. Atty. Ira J. Parks: Eat the chicken Fred.

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