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Seabiscuit quotes

George Woolf: (during the Match race, on the final stretch to War Admiral's jockey) So long, Charlie.

Red Pollard: Jesus Christ. I want to be a horse.
Tom Smith: You're almost big enough.

Charles Howard: sh**!
Marcela Howard: Charles!
Charles Howard: (quietly) sh**!
Marcela Howard: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Red Pollard: That's as much my horse as it is yours.

Red Pollard: I'm fine George. I don't need your help and I sure as sh** don't need your charity. Leave me alone.

Marcela Howard: Well he is fast.
Tom Smith: (looking down at the ground) Yeah... in every direction.

Charles Howard: (speaking to the newsmen after the win at Santa Anita) Well, I just think this horse has a lot of heart. He may have been down, but he wasn't out. He may have lost a few, but he didn't let it get to him. I think I learned a lick or two from this little guy. Oh, and by the way, he doesn't know he's little. He thinks he's the biggest horse out there.

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