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Scary Movie 4 quotes

Tom Ryan: (after hitting Cindy with a baseball) Oh, hey, I'm sorry!
Cindy Campbell: Oh, it's okay. I've taken ba*** to the face before.

Shaquille O'Neal: Am I gonna die?
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw: Push my head in.
Shaquille O'Neal: (pushes head in)
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw: Now release.
Shaquille O'Neal: (releases)
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw: (head shakes up and down yes)

Cindy Campbell: That last lightning bolt smelled like...
Rachel: ...A giant tu**...
Tom Ryan: Yeah... the lightning...

Cindy Campbell: It looks like we have a lot in...
Tom Ryan: ...common.
Cindy Campbell: We're already finishing each other's...
Tom Ryan: ...dinner!
Cindy Campbell: ...sentences.

President Harris: (farts) There goes that duck again.

Dr. Phillip C. McGraw: Your feelings? To hell with your feelings! Everybody with their feelings. I'm obese, my kids a brat, help me, help me! Just shut up! (Crying)
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw: Why can't I fix anyone of them? I'm so dumb and worthless. Momma was right, momma was right!

Terrorist: AHA! Death to America! (he presses the trigger for the bomb, but it doesn't go off)
Terrorist: Oh, sh**! (a man runs up to him and knees him in the stomach, dropping him to the floor. About a dozen more people come and beat up the terrorist)
Henry Hale: (after being stabbed twice) fu****' A...

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