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Saw III quotes

Dr. Lynn Denlon: I don't know what you think you know, but my marriage has survived more suffering than someone like you could ever grasp.
Jigsaw: Suffering? You haven't seen anything yet. Someone like me, who am I?
Dr. Lynn Denlon: A monster. A murderer.
Jigsaw: I don't condone murder and I despise murderers.

Judge Halden: Jeff, just standing there, you're accomplice to murder. Are you a murderer Jeff?
Jeff: I've been wanting to kill him for to years. (Timothy Young starts screaming in agony)
Jeff: Yeah. Maybe I am.

Amanda: Are you gonna behave?

Dr. Lynn Denlon: You're asking me to do the impossible.
Amanda: I'm not asking you. (referring to Jigsaw)
Amanda: He is.

Amanda: She doesn't deserve to go free!

Kerry: (referring to Eric) I really had this feeling it was going to be him.
Rigg: Eric is a missing person case not a homicide case.
Kerry: I've been having nightmares. I see him! I'm never going be able to forgive myself for what happened. (starts crying)
Rigg: Listen, it's not your fault.
Kerry: It's always somebody's fault, Rigg.
Rigg: But that somebody isn't you. That person is still out there. So put all your anger into finding them and putting them away.

Amanda: So, do you have everything you need?
Dr. Lynn Denlon: I have the instruments to cut someone open. I don't have the tools to save a life.
Amanda: (Amanda looks down at the Jawsplitter) You'd be surprised what tools can save a life. (Amanda picks up the Jawsplitter)

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