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Saving Mr. Banks quotes

P.L. Travers: The rumor is that this is to be your Mr. Van dy**, is it?
Richard Sherman: We hope so.
P.L. Travers: Hmm. We'll see about that, he's totally wrong. Totally and utterly.
Robert Sherman: di** is one of the greats!
P.L. Travers: di** Van dy**? Robert, my dear, Olivier is one of the greats. Burton, Guinness, greats without question. I can assure you...
P.L. Travers: (speaking into the tape recorder)... di** Van dy** is *NOT!*

Walt Disney: I've fought this battle from her side. Pat Powers, he wanted the mouse and I didn't have a bean back then. He was this big terrifying New York producer and I was just a kid from Missouri with a sketch of Mickey, but it would've killed me to give him up. Honest to God, killed me. That mouse, he's family.

P.L. Travers: (as she throws a Mickey Mouse doll off her bed) You can stay over there until you learn the art of subtlety.

Walt Disney: It's not the children she comes to save. It's their father. It's YOUR father, Travers Goff.

Porter: Would you like me to unpack for you, ma'am?
P.L. Travers: Young man, if it is your wish to handle ladies' undergarments, I suggest you take employment in a launderette.

P.L. Travers: Poor A. A. Milne.

Ginty: (while seeing her father shave) Why do you do that?
Travers Goff: For you my dear! (He flicks the blade in the air like a swordsman)
Travers Goff: Swish! Which kind of kisses do you prefer, Gintamina? Swoosh! Scratchy ones or silky ones?
Ginty: (thinks) Silky ones.
Travers Goff: A man must shave for to spare his daughter's cheeks! Swish!

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