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Sahara quotes

Admiral James Sandecker: He pulled a Panama!

Dirk Pitt: (after they come across a wrecked plane in the middle of the Sahara) I'll bet you a hundred there's a tool kit in there.
Al Giordino: (looking at the tattered remnants of the plane) I don't wanna rain on your crazy parade, buddy, but I don't think we can fix this thing.

Al Giordino: (after the boat blows up) I lost my hat!

Dirk Pitt: (after he and Al crashed down the sand dunes on the truck bed and find the skeleton) No way!
Al Giordino: Why "no way"?
Dirk Pitt: (clearing the sand from the jacket) Kitty Mannock. She flew from London to Cape Town in 1931. They never found her or her plane. This must be where she crash.
Al Giordino: (pointing off to the wreckage) Nope. "That's" where she crashed.

Dirk Pitt: (at the same time) There's no way that should've worked!

Yves Massarde: (to Dirk as he's trying to stop Massarde while holding a gun to Ava's head before the helicopter is about to take off) I apologize, Mr. Pitt. This is not what it appears.
Dirk Pitt: (dropping weapon and holding his hands up) Did I miss something? I've seen your toxic dump. I've seen sick Tuareg women and children and I saw the dead in Asselar. Did I leave something out?

Al Giordino: (after an explosion that ripped down an interior wall to reveal confederate gold) Jefferson Davis had how many samples made?

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