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Romancing the Stone quotes

Ralph: (to Jack) Oh, oh *I'm* the creep, huh? Well at least I'm honest: I'm *stealing* this stone. I'm not trying to romance it out from under her.

Jack Colton: What's the matter, are you paralyzed from the neck up, or are you hurt?

Joan Wilder: These were Italian.
Jack Colton: Now they're practical.

Jack Colton: (Jack and Joan find the stone in a cave) Jesus Christ, we're in a lot of trouble.
Ralph: (surprising them holding a gun) Understatement of the year, as*****.
Jack Colton: (to Joan) Is there anybody who *isn't* following you?
Ralph: Put the goods in the bag. (Jack surrenders the stone)
Ralph: Now move it, before Batman comes home.

Jack Colton: My minimum price for taking a stranded lady to a telephone is 400 dollars.
Joan Wilder: Will you take 375 in traveler's checks?
Jack Colton: American Express?
Joan Wilder: Of course.
Jack Colton: You've got a deal.

Jack Colton: Now I ain't cheap, but I can be had.

Joan Wilder: Excuse me, mister. Can you tell where can I get to a telephone?
Jack Colton: No, lady. I don't have any idea. I'm sorry.
Joan Wilder: But it's very important that I get to one.
Jack Colton: Well, we've all got our problems today. Don't we?
Joan Wilder: Can you tell me where the nearest town is?
Jack Colton: English speaking? How about Miami?
Joan Wilder: Will there be another bus?
Jack Colton: Another bus? This is it. (looks around a deserted, dirt mountain road)
Jack Colton: You've got rush hour.
Joan Wilder: I need to get to Cartagena.
Jack Colton: Cartagena? Angel, you are hell and gone from Cartagena. Cartagena's over there on the coast.
Joan Wilder: But they told me this bus...
Jack Colton: Who told you that? Who told you this bus was going to Cartagena?
Joan Wilder: That man...
Jack Colton: That nice man who pulled a gun on you? What else did he tell you?

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