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Rocky III quotes

Rocky Balboa: You ain't so bad, you ain't so bad, you ain't nothin'. C'mon, champ, hit me in the face! My mom hits harder than you!

Clubber Lang: I'm the baddest man in the world.
Rocky Balboa: You don't look so bad to me.
Clubber Lang: What did you say, Paper Champion? I'll beat you like a dog, a dog, you fool!

Rocky Balboa: I said why you doin' this?
Mickey: Because you can't win, Rock! This guy will kill you to death inside of three rounds!
Rocky Balboa: You're crazy.
Mickey: What else is new?
Rocky Balboa: He's just another fighter.
Mickey: No, he ain't just another fighter! This guy is a wrecking machine! And he's hungry! Hell, you ain't been hungry since you won that belt.
Rocky Balboa: What are you talkin' about? I had ten title defenses.
Mickey: That was easy.
Rocky Balboa: What you mean, "easy"?
Mickey: They was hand-picked!
Rocky Balboa: Setups?
Mickey: Nah, they wasn't setups. They was good fighters, but they wasn't killers like this guy. He'll knock you to tomorrow, Rock!

Paulie: Don't listen to it, Rocky.
Apollo Creed: No, do listen to it Rock. Because when it's over, everybody's gonna owe you an engraved apology. And you're gonna owe me a favor.
Rocky Balboa: What favor?
Apollo Creed: When it's over Rock.

Rocky Balboa: Nobody owes nobody nothin'. You owe yourself.
Paulie: You're wrong! Friends owe!
Rocky Balboa: Friends don't owe! They do because the wanna do.
Paulie: Shut your freakin' mouth. You been keepin' me down!
Rocky Balboa: Down? You know, you're like a crazy brother to me, Paulie, you really are. So I'm gonna tell ya something and I want you to listen because I really mean this. You ain't down. And you ain't even a loser. You're just a jealous, lazy bu*.
Paulie: Alright, I'm gonna break your freakin' mouth up! I'm gonna break your freakin' mouth up! (Paulie throws punches at Rocky and Rocky blocks them)
Paulie: (exhausted) Can I have a job?
Rocky Balboa: All you had to do was ask. (starts walking toward Rocky's car)
Rocky Balboa: Hey, you know, you punch pretty good.
Paulie: Really?
Rocky Balboa: Absolutely.
Paulie: (looking at Rocky's car) This new?
Rocky Balboa: Yeah.
Paulie: Cost a lot?
Rocky Balboa: Yeah, a few bucks.
Paulie: Got an extra one?

Rocky Balboa: Why are you doing this?
Mickey: Because you can't win Rock. This guy will kill you to death in three rounds.

Adrian: Can I talk to you? I wanna ask you something important, and I want you to tell me the truth.
Rocky Balboa: What?
Adrian: Why'd you come here?
Rocky Balboa: I just don't want it no more.
Adrian: If it's over because you want it to be over, I'm glad.
Rocky Balboa: I do.
Adrian: It's just... you never quit anything since I known you.
Rocky Balboa: I don't know what you want me to say. I mean, what happened? How did everything that was so good get so bad?
Adrian: What's so bad? Tell me, what?
Rocky Balboa: I wrecked everything by not thinking for myself. I mean, why couldn't Mickey tell me where I really at right from the start? He didn't have to carry me and lie to me and make me think I was better than I really was when I wasn't.

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