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Robin Hood Prince of Thieves quotes

Sheriff of Nottingham: Do you mind Locksley? We've just been married.

Azeem: Salaam, little one.
Small Girl: Did God paint you?
Azeem: Did God paint me? (laughs)
Azeem: For certain.
Small Girl: Why?
Azeem: Because Allah loves wondrous varieties.

Azeem: (holding Robin Hood back) Come my friend! Make his sacrifice an act of honor! Come now.

Robin Hood: Marian, I've returned to my home to find it destroyed, and my father murdered! And the only clues to why are in the ramblings of an old blind man.
Marian: But all I remember of you is a spoiled bully who used to burn my hair as a child.
Robin Hood: Please allow that years of war and imprisonment may change a man.
Marian: Robin, whatever happened between you and your father, you mustn't believe... what they accused him of.
Robin Hood: I don't.

Sheriff of Nottingham: (after he stabs Sir Guy of Gisborn) At least I didn't use a spoon.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Marian, our union would allow these children to grow up as my allies. You understand... I cannot allow them to grow up as my enemies.
Marian: I have no choice.
Sheriff of Nottingham: That's true.

Robin Hood: What are you going to do?
Azeem: I have seen it many times... with horses.
Robin Hood: With *horses*?

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