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Robin Hood Men in Tights quotes

Sheriff of Rottingham: Wasn't your... didn't your mole used to be on the other side?
Prince John: I have a MOLE?

Robin Hood: (carrying Marian to the bed) Oh my darling, at last.
Maid Marian: (sliding his hand to the key to unlock her chastity belt) Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
Broomhilde: (rushes into the room) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Robin Hood: (groans)
Broomhilde: You are not married yet! Before you do it, you must go through it! Or else I blew it.

Robin Hood: Rabbi!
Rabbi Tuckman: (sticks his head out of his tent) Who calls?
Robin Hood: It is I, Robin of Locksley! We wish to get married in a hurry!
Rabbi Tuckman: Married in a hurry? That's great! Hold on, I'm on my last customer. I'll be right out. (goes back inside his tent, then something being chopped off is heard, followed by a man screaming. The rabbi comes back out)
Rabbi Tuckman: Put a little ice on it. You'll be fine. (to Robin)
Rabbi Tuckman: Married in a hurry, married in a hurry! Please invite me to the briss.

Robin Hood: King? King? And which King might that be? King Richard? King Louis? King Kong? Larry King?

Prince John: Send word to one and all, and all and one... that's a little redundant, isn't it?
Prince John: Shut up!

Ahchoo: e didn't land on Sherwood Forest! Sherwood Forest landed on us!

Robin Hood: I lost. I lost? Wait a second, I'm not supposed to lose. Let me see the script.

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