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Rio 2 quotes

Rafael: You guys are late.
Pedro: Clock late.
Nico: But musician early.

Eduardo: (reunited with his daughter) I'm sorry I can't imagine how alone you must've been
Jewel: Daddy I wasn't alone (points to Blu)
Jewel: Blu found me

Tiago: (using a crane to pick up one of the loggers) GOT HIM!
Bia: Wow... Precise!

Carla: (seeing her mother give a tearful laugh) Mom? are you okay?
Eduardo: (drops Blu) MOM? (turns to face his grandkids)
Eduardo: I'm a grandpa? (taking it in)
Eduardo: I'm a grandpa... (overjoyed)
Jewel: (as her father laughs) Daddy... this is Carla... Bia... and Tiago
Bia: Nice to meet you sir!
Eduardo: There is no need for any sir... you can call me pop-pop
Carla: Pop-pop? Ohh I like that

Blu: Those are breath mints, you eat them. (a blue macaw eats the whole box of mints and starts choking)
Blu: Oh, no, no, no, no, not the whole box! Here let me get... that... out of your... mouth! (he gets the box of mints out of the blue macaw's throat)
Jewel: Unbelievable.

Nigel: We'll attack at the midnight hour because it's more evil.

Jewel: Hey. Thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it.
Blu: I would do anything for you. You know that, right?
Jewel: Of course I do. (They snuggle together)

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