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Richie Rich quotes

Nash: (into walkie-talkie, with mouth full) This is Nash.
Zullo: Nash, I didn't hear that. Come back with that.
Nash: This is Nash.
Richie Rich: (into walkie talkie) Fire two! (Cadbury launches a second sack of manure)
Nash: (mouth full) Somebody throwing SHIII-! (the sack knocks him out)
Richie Rich: YES!

Richard Rich Sr.: Well, that's it, honey. We're out of Perrier, the caviar's gone, and there's no more melba toast. The only thing we've got left is a bottle of Dom.
Regina Rich: And this little pack of Bubblicious. Richie's favorite. He's only twelve years old, Richard. He's just a boy... (She looks past him and notices something)
Regina Rich: Oh, my God! We're saved!
Richard Rich Sr.: What?
Regina Rich: My Louis! Darling, my suitcase. (It is floating nearby; In another scene, Richard Senior brings it aboard the raft, and they examine the contents)
Regina Rich: My makeup case, my dresses, my Karl Lagerfeld, my Bill Blass...
Richard Rich Sr.: My tuxedo. Now we can throw a dinner party - Wait a minute. Here's something we CAN use. (He holds up a Remington "Microscreen" electric razor, and turns it on)
Regina Rich: Richard, don't you think this is an odd time to start shaving your legs?
Richard Rich Sr.: No, Regina. This is might be the very thing that saves us. The very thing. Yes!
Regina Rich: Richard, darling, you've been too long at sea.

Diane Pazinski: (after Herbert pulls Diane close against his body to save her from being run over by the four-wheeling children) Do I detect a rising fire sign, Herbert?
Herbert Cadbury: (Embarrassed pause) You, Diane, (sigh)
Herbert Cadbury: are a Capricorn.
Diane Pazinski: Hey, how did you know that?

Richard Rich Sr.: (as Regina is dangling from the glasses of Rich Sr's Mount Richmore face, being held onto by Richie and Rich Sr) I'm gonna swing you into my mouth.
Regina Rich: (frantically) In you mouth?
Richard Rich Sr.: (calmly) In my mouth.
Regina Rich: (frantically) In your mouth?
Richard Rich Sr.: (calmly) It's large enough.

Richie Rich: Cadbury?
Herbert Cadbury: Richie! Oh, thank God, I've been worried sick...! (they hug each other)
Herbert Cadbury: I do beg your pardon, sir. All that emotion. Quite out of order. Got caught up in the moment.
Richie Rich: Cadbury?
Herbert Cadbury: Yes, sir?
Richie Rich: Shut up!
Herbert Cadbury: Thank you, sir.

Richard Rich Sr.: (on Prof. Keenbean's Smellmaster 9000) Darling. We have Glasses to help us SEE better, and hearing aids to help us HEAR better. Why shouldn't we have something to help us SMELL better?
Regina Rich: We do, dear. It's called Chanel.

Richard Rich Sr.: How do you put up with me, Regina?
Regina Rich: Well, you do have $70 billion.
Richard Rich Sr.: Is that the ONLY reason?
Regina Rich: (she lightly gives him a smooch) No. You also have a cute bu**. (she walks away sensually, and he looks embarrassed, and then chuckles)
Richard Rich Sr.: Hey, Cadbury, did you hear that?
Herbert Cadbury: Indeed, sir. Madam admires your bu**. I'm most delighted for you.

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