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Red Eye quotes

Senior Flight Attendant: (after Jackson and Lisa come out of the bathroom) Excuse me! This is not a motel!
Jackson Rippner: (Jackson smiles) Sure.

Jackson Rippner: (to Lisa) You tell the flight attendant and your dad dies. (Lisa starts to cry as the Senior Flight Attendant arrives)
Senior Flight Attendant: What can I do for you?
Jackson Rippner: Leese, did you need another pillow or anything?
Lisa Reisert: (crying) No, I don't need anything.
Jackson Rippner: She's just had a really rough day. A death in the family.

Jackson Rippner: (referring to how the irate passenger is complaining about an airline worker) She's exhausted, she's worked for 18 hours, and she suspects that we all hate her just as much as you do. So why you don't just give her a break? Let her go back to her job which I'm guessing is a lot more thankless than yours. (He stares at the passenger)
Irate Passenger: This airline *SUCKS*!

Bob Taylor: You want us to fill out a comment card?
Lisa Reisert: Yes, I do... and after you finish, you can go ahead and just shove it up your as*.

Lisa Reisert: (jokingly) You're a spy. I should've known.
Jackson Rippner: No, no. I'm not a spy.
Lisa Reisert: A hitman?
Jackson Rippner: I'm a lousy shot.
Lisa Reisert: Right. You work for the CIA?
Jackson Rippner: Well if I did I couldn't say could I... but no.
Lisa Reisert: The mafia?
Jackson Rippner: The money's sh**.

Cynthia: God they totally threw me. They were *such* as******.
Lisa Reisert: Cynthia, there are no guests who are as******. Only guests with special needs.

Jackson Rippner: One phone call saves your dad's life.

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