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Rango quotes

Rango: Now, remember son: stay in school, eat your veggies, and burn everything but Shakespeare.

Rango: (from trailer) So you want something to believe in? (points at the "Sheriff" sign)
Rango: Believe in that there sign. For as long as it hangs there we've got hope.

Mayor: You and the sheriff are more alike than you think. You're nothing but legends. Pretty soon, no one will believe you even existed.

Merrimack: Now, Beans, I've always thought of you as a niece, and I've done my best to look after you ever since your daddy... (Beans gives him a death glare)
Merrimack: ... did *not* fall drunk down a mine shaft...

Rango: (from trailer) The name's Rango. (crowd gasp)

Rock-Eye: (the hawk drops a bottle with Rango inside it directly on top of Rock-Eye the Toad, who is hiding from the hawk as a rock, from a great height) Ai! ¡Madre de Dios! (sees Rango)
Rock-Eye: You! I'll kill you! You stupid lizard! Get out of there! I'm gonna strangle your huevos!
Rango: (points frantically from inside his bottle) The bird! The bird! (starts running away in his bottle by rolling it)
Rock-Eye: (Rock-Eye looks behind him) No wait, come back! (starts chasing Rango)
Rock-Eye: Hey, I was just kidding! C'mon, we're friends, right?
Rango: Aaah, I don't know you!
Rock-Eye: Lizards, frogs... we're practically related, right?
Rango: (overlapping) Find your own hiding place! No room at the inn!
Rock-Eye: Come on! Move over! I'll let you kiss my sister!
Rango: (Rango runs the bottle over a small sharp rock and the bottle breaks in half) No no no nonono...! (slides to a stop)
Rock-Eye: (stops with him; pointing in triumph) HA! Ha ha ha! (the hawk snatches him up)
Rock-Eye: (shouts out) You son of a! (hawk screech)

Rango: Crunchy-creamy-cookie-candy-cupcake. Okay everybody, let's take it from the top!

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